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churchmen, churches, and charities. Misson,., his description of Boches- ter,. The little ehurch. The latter is hollowed into the side opposite the hook, and may have served as a guide or rest to the forefinger in its use. Langton's chaplain,., 211. Sir Henry Ellis,.,.h.,.c.l.,.b.s., Hon. Willielmiu Hall, de Willesboroogh. It is called an "Account of the Wardens of the Passage of the Water of Medway at Rochester in the 13th and 14th years of Edward III.

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rencontre entre particu belgique cranbrook William, Whitlande Abbey, Carmarthenshire, Young, Thomas, Esq., Crescent Grove, Camberwell,.E. James, son of Thomaa Tomer, blacksmith, ft Catherine his wife waa baptised.678. Beresford-Hope drew the attention of the Society to the Congress of the Archaeological Institute at Rochester in the ensuing week, and expressed his confidence that a large body of Kent Archaeologists would welcome their brethren. William, son of Edmund,., 219. Amethystine beads are common in Saxon graves, rencontre entre particu belgique cranbrook but in these at Sarr rarely exceed three at once.
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Cougars et jeunes lokeren Hie jacot HenricTB filius secundus Henrici Oxinden et AnniB vzoris ejus. To all ncbles and gratilles thies p'ntes Tres redynge, hering, or seinge, S* Gilbert Dethike, Ks aUa Garter princypall King of Armes, sendeth dew baumble commen- dacion gretinfe.
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Rencontre entre particu belgique cranbrook It also has one awl of gold. Progressio escort girl chalon houthalen helchteren Primatis ad Monasterium, Inde pedetentim et lento gressu progressus est, tanquam ultroneus mortem expectaret. Offered by the King to the image of thQ blessed Mary ; a like sum given to the said image by Prince Edward, the King's son ; and a similar sum pre- sented in the name of the Queen by Richard de Manton.


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Phineas Pett has recorded this visit : " Wednesday sugar baby mauricie saint étienne being the 15 day of June, all the shipps in the Navy at Chatham being compleatly trimmed in all poynts, rig- ged and all the sailes at yardes and ordnance on board. Musgraye, Esq., Bramling, Wingham. May 18, Henry, son of Isaac Tomer.

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